I have always been fascinated and motived by three things: fashion design, quality craftsmanship and beauty in all things. I experimented with leather and fabric from an early age in my native Italy and over many years I have taught myself how to cut leather and fabric to the best effect, to clothe, protect and present the human form.

During my first internship for a famous and respected Italian tailor, I mastered the art of technical pattern cutting - learning the old fashioned way to construct and shape garments. This is one of my many passions in life...

When designing I have beautiful, confident, sophisticated and independent women in mind. The essence of my design is very Italian, steeped in the traditions I have learned over many years. Additional inspiration is drawn from my adopted city of London, with its energy and vitality, its constantly evolving architecture and landscape. All of these things are referenced in my collections.

When creating garments, I select the best quality Italian fabrics and leathers. Quality is always paramount and this reinforces the brands idea for the clothing to be beautiful inside out. Daniele Bardis prints are a mix of rich sophistication and innovative detailing, making the collections unique and instantly recognisable. Each season presents a harmonious synthesis of colours and elements drawn from nature resulting in a collection of beautiful designs suitable for the modern and dynamic women. Together with the intricate architectural design and never before seen quilting, the soft hand crafted leather jackets are fast becoming the brands trademark. All these creative elements culminate in a collection which is easily and immediately understood.

Even today, I consider myself to be extremely hands on and work very closely with my team to ensure each step in the creative design process from designing & pattern cutting to the final fitting has the Daniele Bardis stamp of approval.